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We Provide Quality Equipment for Industry

pāco manufacturing® has been meeting the needs of industry since 1953.  We provide high quality contract machining & fabrication, machine building, machinery makeovers, special machinery, control systems and CNC fixturing/tooling and other related services to improve the productivity of our customers’ manufacturing and product handling processes.  Look to pāco manufacturing® to bring it all together as a single source for a company’s manufacturing and assembly requirements.

Contract Machining & Fabrication

Contract Machining

Machine Building

Machine Building

Machinery Makeovers

Machinery Makeovers

Special Machinery

Special Machinery Control Systems

Control Systems


by Business First

Machine Maker

In 2009,  pāco manufacturing® was featured in Louisville Business First. During the interview, President Glen Morris acknowledged a record year in 2008, the effects of the economic downturn on the small manufacturing businesses, and the new strategies which were taken to improve sales.  These new strategies included the use of banners to visually display “what the company did” as well as developing overseas partnerships.

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Web version of Brochure

Completely tooled machine shop and large assembly area

Prototype to production machinery builder

Low to medium volume

From component parts to completed assemblies

Skilled team of machinists, fabricators, assemblers and electricians

In-house engineering services

Work with many types of materials

CNC Fixturing / Tooling

CNC Fixturing / Tooling

Poly-V Pulleys

Poly-V Pulleys

Case-Packer Machinery

Park Place Packaging